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A Professional Pet Care Service

Whiskers and Wags


The Professional Care Your 

Pet Deserves


Your Trusted Provider of Quality Pet Care

Give your pets the care that they deserve with house-sitting, cat or dog sitting, dog walking, training, in-house nail trims, and more from Whiskers and Wags. My pet care services are available to pet owners in Kitchener, Waterloo, and surrounding areas. I guarantee that your furry friend will be treated with love and care. I have over 2o+ years experience caring for animals. My business is insured and I have a recent police check which can be provided upon request.


Mission Statement 

I'm passionate about saving animals and providing pet owners with the knowledge to care for their pets properly

and give them the lives that they deserve. I will take care of your pet as if it were my own pet. 

​Get to Know Your Pet's Caregiver,  Lori-Ann Morash

    Hi! I’m Lori-Ann. My passion and love of animals since I was a child has lead me to become a veterinary assistant. Today, I'm fulfilling dreams through Whiskers and Wags. In the summers of grade 11 and 12, I volunteered at my cat's animal hospital and worked directly with our veterinarian to understand the daily routines of a veterinarian. I wanted to know what it would really be like if I were to become one. It was a very educational experience and I enjoyed it immensely. I have 20+ years experience working with and helping animals. While I was studying at Maritime Business, I was also doing co-op at an exotic animal hospital and graduated as a veterinary assistant with honours. I was trained in animal first aid and animal CPR. I have had training in oral and subcutaneous medication administration. I believe with my training, I can provide professional pet care for your best friend.

    As I work with more clients, helping them through the issues with their pets, I realize that this is definitely what I meant to do. It is so rewarding to be able to help pet owners with medical and behavioral issues. I also take great pride in being able to educate pet owners on importance of pet care and proper nutrition. 

    Aside from that, I provide in-your-home nail clips which is becoming an invaluable service to my older clients who are no longer are able to drive or have pets that are uncomfortable with going to the animal hospital for a nail clip. They no longer have to put their pets through the stress of travel. I also take into account those of which may be on a fixed income. No pet should not receive care due to their owners financial situation.

    Presently, I have 3 rescue cats that I care for, 1 of which is a diabetic. He has been diabetic for 7 years now and doesn't require insulin most of the time. Luckily, we have him stable and in remission. I am also now working with a client and her diabetic cat in hopes of remission. Update: that cat is in remission and has been for almost a year. See below.

A Proud Accomplishment

As mentioned above, my cat is in diabetic remission. He has been in remission for 8 years now. I have recently been successful at achieving diabetic remission in the clients cat that I was working with, mentioned above as well. It is my pleasure to be able to give that client peace of mind in regards to her cat. It took 3 months to get him off insulin and we had to modified his diet as well. In the beginning, he was prescribed 2 units of insulin which is a lot to start. After about 1 month, we were able to reduce his insulin in half. Then he experienced a few days of sickness and was not able to have insulin. I monitored his glucose closely over those days and it remained normal. He hasn't had insulin in almost a year now. She can now have me come regularly to check his glucose just to make sure that everything is still okay. She no longer needs to worry as much as what she did 8 months earlier. This is a picture of her beautiful cat, Zeppelin. Unfortunately, he developed pancreatitis, and he passed away. 

My Baby Bunny, Grasshopper

This is another proud accomplishment. I have tried to save many a birds without any success. This is my first success story. The first picture is a 5 day old baby bunny. I found him just before going on my summer holidays. A group of crows had stole him out of the nest and were trying to carry him off. In the second picture, he's  10 days old. His eyes have opened and his ears also. I was bottle feeding him every 4 hours, being very careful that he didn't aspirate formula into his lungs or he could die.

In the t​hird picture, he's two weeks old. He now is able to go to the bathroom without manual stimulation. Now, bottle feedings are about 6 hours apart at night and I have introduced hay and grated up veggies into his diet. In the last picture, he's three weeks old and I'm preparing to release him into the wild. On a warm evening, I released him when it was dark. He stayed close for the first few days, then he ventured off. We still see him to this day, 4 years later.

​Friendly Advice for Pet Owners

​Go​od Nutrition

​​W​e all know the importance of good nutrition. It is just as important that ​our pets eat a healthy diet. Feeding our pets a good quality diet helps your pet maintain weight and optimal health. When choosing a food for your pet, read the ingredients label and select a food that has real meat as the first ingredient, not a filler such as soy, grain, and gluten or by-product meal. Imagine if your pet lived in the wild, what would they eat? Not corn or wheat. They would eat meat or fish. When choosing treats, keep the same ingredients in mind, and limit them to only a few per day. Treats are just that. They shouldn't become their diet.

Yearly Exams 

It is very important for your pet to have a yearly exam. At the exam, your veterinarian will check for anything that doesn’t feel right, listen to their heart and lungs, examine their teeth, do a w​eight check and discuss anything of concern. If they have a weight issue, it can be discussed, and a plan can be implemented for weight loss. Extra weight will take years off of their life. Infection in the mouth (indicated by bad breath) can cause other health issues. We all want our pets to live as long as possible. Yearly check-ups can help your pet have a long and healthy life. It is also important to vaccinate and protect our pets from fleas and deadly ticks.

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